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09/22/14 - Transamerica Product Updates

Transamerica Life is committed to providing the flexible and versatile products clients need today. Effective September 22, 2014, we are making pricing adjustments to TransACE® guaranteed universal life and Trendsetter® Super 20 term products, with the goal of positioning these products to be competitive in a wider range of key markets to help you close the 2014 sales year on a high note.

The adjustments will rebalance our pricing and maintain our objective of being nimble in adjusting to ongoing changes in the marketplace.

09/19/14 - MetLife Solutions  Updated to Include MetLife Secure Flex Universal Life

Updates available September 22, 2014

09/15/14 - Genworth - New Features for IUL Products

Foundation Builder Index UL and Overloan Protection Rider Enhancements Make Index UL Products More Competitive and Flexible. Read more.

09/15/14 - Protective - Protective Indexed Choice Now Approved in CA and FL

Protective Life Insurance Company is pleased to announce the availability of the new Protective Indexed ChoiceSM UL in the states of California and Florida, effective September 15, 2014. With Protective Indexed Choice UL, clients can benefit from lapse protection, greater potential for cash-value growth and flexible features without the risk of directly participating in the stock market.

09/05/14 - Symetra - Premier Pricing for your Premier Clients

Symetra Life Insurance Company is pleased to offer premier pricing on larger Classic Universal Life with Lapse Protection Benefit cases. With LPB Premier pricing, our premiums average 6-10% less than the No. 2 ranked guaranteed universal life insurance carrier. Premier pricing will be automatically applied for cases that meet the criteria.  Click Here for the age/face amount guidelines.

08/29/14 - ING - VOYA Financial - Voya branded forms available September 1, 2014

You can begin using the Voya Financial™ branded life insurance forms on September 1st. To ease the transition, ING forms will continue to be accepted until December 31, 2014. After that date, there will be a final switch over to Voya forms and the ING versions will no longer be accepted.

08/28/14 - Protective Life - Decreases Term Rates $500K and Up

Effective August 18, 2014, Protective Life will lower rates for initial level benefit periods of 10-30 years at face amounts of $500,000 and up.
Our latest rate changes competitively position Protective Custom Choice UL to help you offer greater value at higher face amounts. For more details, click here.

08/19/14 - Accordia Life - Quiet Wednesdays for New Business

Beginning Wednesday August 20, 2014 - September 17, 2014, New Business will be observing Quiet Wednesdays.  For more details, click here.

08/07/14 - Prudential - Product Reprices Effective August 11th


In an effort to reaffirm Prudential's commitment to improving the competitiveness of our diverse product portfolio, we will be repricing the PruLife® UL Protector, PruLife® SUL Protector, Term Essential® and Term Elite® products on August 11, 2014.  Read more...


08/06/14 - Genworth - Term Conversion Product Change

Effective August  18, 2014, Genworth will replace GenGuard UL Conversion with Life Ready UL II Conversion as the conversion product in all states, except New York. The last date to submit Conversion Forms and projections for GenGuard UL Conversion to Genworth home office is September 2, 2014.

08/06/14 - ANICO IUL will be Available until 09/01/14


On 09/01/14, ANICO IUL will be replaced with Signature IUL

   - Apps must be dated no later than 08/31/14 to receive the ANICO IUL product

   - Paper apps only. Product is no longer offer in iGo e-App

07/25/14 - MetLife - GLT Term Rates Being Reduced

Significant Rate Decreases for Guaranteed Level Term. A perfect opportunity to introduce clients to a protection product from MetLife.

07/01/14 - ANICO - New Product Available July 1st - Signature Indexed Univeral Life Insurance

- Three One-Year Interest Crediting Strategies Based on the Performance of an Index with

   100% Participation Rates
- Choice of Guideline Premium or Cash Value Accumulation Test
- New Partial or Full Accelerated Benefit Riders for Critical, Chronic or Terminal Illness

Learn More and Access Marketing Materials!



05/02/14 - Prudential - Announcing New PruTerm One

Annually renewable converatible term insurance protection for your temporary insurance needs. For product details, click here.

05/02/14 - ING - Protector UL to be Discontinued in ALL jurisdictions

ING Protector UL has already been closed to new applications in the majority of jurisdictions. For jurisdictions where ING Protector UL is still available (PA and VI), it will be discontinued according to the transition rules. Click here for details.

04/23/14 - Aviva - Closing out Aviva Business and Preparing for Business as Accordia Life

New Business: Applications for Accordia Life new business will be found at www.accordianow.com beginning April 25.  New Accordia Life applications dated May 1 or after will start a new pipeline of Accordia Life business and policies.

To write business as Accordia Life, you must be contracted with us. Contracting paperwork is available at

Pending Business:  If you have Aviva business in the pipeline that is underwriter-approved and issued, please pay that business as you normally would. Applications for Aviva business will be in the pipeline over the next two months and those applications will be processed, issued and serviced as Aviva (Athene). 

Business submitted on Aviva applications cannot be issued as Accordia Life policies.

As a reminder, Accordia Life will not offer No Lapse Guarantee products. Therefore, all No Lapse Guarantee business needs to be signed and submitted by April 30
04/04/14 - Genworth - Effective April 7, 2014, all Colony Term applications, with a face amount of $250,000 or below, must be submitted through Life Quick Request, iPipeline, AFFIRM for Life, or other Genworth approved fulfillment platform to be eligible to receive commission. Exceptions are limited to Arkansas, Rhode Island and Wyoming replacement policies; Bermuda cases; and New Jersey cases with a TIAA


04/04/14 - North American announces Custom Guarantee UL - Generation 8.  The newest generation of  low-cost guaranteed death benefit protection is better than ever! 1) Higher guaranteed premium  limit: up to $500,000 in all years, 2) Lower level-pay guarantee premiums to age 120, 3) Lifetime guaranteed death benefit with no premiums past age 100 and 4) Accelerated death benefits for critical, chronic and terminal illnesses where approved. Click here for announcement and transition rules.



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