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04/04/14 - Genworth - Effective April 7, 2014, all Colony Term applications, with a face amount of $250,000 or below, must be submitted through Life Quick Request, iPipeline, AFFIRM for Life, or other Genworth approved fulfillment platform to be eligible to receive commission. Exceptions are limited to Arkansas, Rhode Island and Wyoming replacement policies; Bermuda cases; and New Jersey cases with a TIAA


04/04/14 - North American announces Custom Guarantee UL - Generation 8.  The newest generation of  low-cost guaranteed death benefit protection is better than ever! 1) Higher guaranteed premium  limit: up to $500,000 in all years, 2) Lower level-pay guarantee premiums to age 120, 3) Lifetime guaranteed death benefit with no premiums past age 100 and 4) Accelerated death benefits for critical, chronic and terminal illnesses where approved. Click here for announcement and transition rules.


01/31/14 - Prudential launches PruLife Founders Plus UL. It offers 1) cost-effective death benefit protection and the potential for cash value accumulation.  It's a lower cost alternative for clients who may be considering a GUL product. 2) Competitive premiums, within the 55-75 year-old target market, especially when compared to other permanent life insurance products.  Founder's Plus Product Guide          Fast Facts


01/31/14 - Protective introduces Indexed Choice UL.   The Protective Indexed Choice UL offers: * Lifetime Lapse Protection, * An Indexed Account which provides an interest credit based on the annual change in the S&P 500 Index, never to be less than the floor of 0% or more than the current cap rate, * Access to the policy value for future expenses or unexpected costs. Click here for product guide.


01/31/14 - Genworth releases Foundation Builder Index UL.  It offers:  1) Affordable death benefit protection at competitive planned premiums-it ranks in the top three in over 97% of cells when solving for lifetime coverage, 2) A no-lapse guarantee for up to 30 years, based on issue age, 3) High cap rates for five crediting strategies linked to the percentage change of the S&P 500®Index, 4) An optional Accelerated Benefit Rider for Long Term Care Services (available for an additional cost), covering permanent and temporary long term care (LTC) events. Foundation Builder Marketing Materials


01/31/14 - AXA announces new BrightLife Protect UL will be available Feb. 17, 2014.  BrightLife Portect UL will replace Athena UL V after a one month transition period.   Click here for full bulletin.


Changes to Return of Premium Rider - Maximum increase for ROP rider is being changed to one times face amount for Athena UL V and Athena IUL effective with applications received after Jan. 27, 2014.



01/22/14 - Lincoln Financial's LifeLeader for January 2014 is now available. Included in this issue is important information regarding MoneyGuard II, VUL One 2014,  Term to Treasury IUL Exchange Program, New Supplement for all new life applications. Click here for full newsletter.

01/17/14 - Lincoln Financial Special Exchange Program....External Term to Perm with Lincoln Treasury Indexed UL....Available February 3, 2014 for a Limited Time.

Click here for details.

01/06/14 - American National has announced that effective immediately no more than two (2) policies for the same insured will be allowed on the Signature ART plan.

12/23/2013 - The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York (US Life) will suspend sales of the certain policies, effective December 31, 2013.  Click Here for bulletin and transition rules.

11/15/13 - MetLife - Restructure of MetLife Companies -- Important Notification regarding mergers that must be shared with all New York Appointed Producers. Click here for firm announcement.

10/21/13 - JOHN HANCOCK --

John Hancock Term Lower Face Amounts - Now Available as Low as $500,000!  With a new $500,000 minimum face amount, you can now offer John Hancock's fully convertible Term to more of your clients. Click here to learn more.



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